Session Four

August 27, 2008

XP Awarded: 505 || Total XP: 1,090

12 Sowing, morning

The party returned to Winterhaven, and noticed a slight pall in the air, as if an invisible dark cloud hovered over the area. The locals also felt it, acting somewhat nervous and twitchy.

The party visited Lord Padraig to inform him of the kobolds’ end and receive their 100 gp payment, and inform him of the note found on the leader of the bandits. Lord Padraig was naturally concerned, and asked the adventurers to investigate the possibility of cultist in the area. He also suggested they consult Valthrun the Prescient, a local sage, who might have more information.

At Valthrun’s tower, the group learned of the history of Shadowfell Keep, including its tragic downfall over four hundred years ago, and of the existence of a rift to darkness below the keep. The sage, too, requested that the party go to the keep and stop whatever mad plans to reopen the rift might be underway.

Done with the sage, and still injured from the earlier fight, the party took their ease in the town for the day, visiting the various shops and establishments in Winterhaven. Some of the notable characters encountered in the town include Delphina Moongem, a seller of wild-flowers in the Market Square; Bairwin Wildarson, proprietor of Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe; and Thair Coalstriker, the dwarven blacksmith at the town smithy.

13 Sowing

The next day, recovered from their wounds, the party set out to investigate the potential dragon burial ground southwest of the village, to see if they could locate more information about Douven. Upon arriving, they noticed two guard drakes, some human rabble, a halfling and a gnome surrounding what appeared to be a dragon skeleton. Claiming to be friends of Douven, the gnome called them down to see what had been uncovered, but attacked them as soon as they drew near. After a somewhat difficult fight, the party defeated the interlopers, and bound the gnome for interrogation.

Unfortunately, the only information the gnome would offer was that Kalarel would kill them all and feed them to the servants of Orcus. Eventually it was decided to take the gnome to the authorities in Winterhaven.

Happily, Douven was discovered, bound and gagged under a blanket, and a happy reunion occurred. Douven explained that he had been looking for the burial ground when he was ambushed by this group, and forced to help them find some artifact for some guy named Karel, Kaler, Kalarel, that was it. The artifact turned out to be an ancient mirror, not magical, but of value. What use it could be in opening a rift remained unclear. In gratitude for his rescue, Douven gifted the party with a +1 amulet of health, after removing his wife’s picture from it.

The party then returned to Winterhaven, handing the gnome over to the guard and spending several hours chatting with Douven. The mirror they took to Valthrun, who examined it and said he would get back to them after looking through his tomes. Most of the day was spent with Douven, who planned to return to Hammerfast the next morning.

14 Sowing, morning

The next morning, the party wished Douven farewell, and set off for the Keep on the Shadowfell, which lay about an hour and a half from the village. They descended into the dark stairway of the keep, emerging into a square room with four pillars. They were attacked by four goblins, and Mellum discovered a pit in the floor, filled with a roiling swarm of rats. The beasts nearly devoured the cleric, but luckily they were slain and Mellum was rescued.

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Session Four

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