Session Seven

October 1, 2008

XP Awarded: 176 || Total XP: 1,691
  • No homework this session

14 Sowing, mid-day

After freeing and befriending Splug, the party found a female tiefling in the final cell. Akta, a paladin of the Raven Queen, was grateful for being released, and joined the party to help stamp out the evil influence of the cultists.

Around this time, Travok announced that he was going to go back and accompany Douven Steelhammer back to Hammerfast, and departed. Also around this time, Raiann was discovered missing. No one had seen or heard her leave, and her disappearance presented a minor mystery for the group.

Preparing to leave the room and continue exploring the Keep, perhaps to seek out their lost ally, the party encountered another tiefling lurking outside the door. His name was Shinto, and he decided to join the party for reasons of his own. Fortunately, his skills would nicely fill the void left by the dragonborn’s departure.

The newly constituted party ventured out to the double doors off the main entry hall, past which they had been told were undead, and a magical runed floor that would fend off the vile creatures. Behind the doors they discovered a maze of pitch-black corridors, with strange runes on the floor at odd intervals. In a chamber to the south, the party found a number of zombies, which were not moving and did not appear to notice them. After exploring a bit, Morthos decided to step on one and see what would happen.

A horrifying wail burst forth from the rune, filling the party’s hearts with terror. Morthos, Paelias, and Mellum Goldor fled down the hallway, while Akta and Shinto were made of sterner stuff. The wail appeared to awaken the undead, both those they had already noticed and more to the north.

After a short fight, the party triumphed over the ponderous zombies, reducing them to piles of bones and rotting flesh.

No homework for this session || Vanquished Foes

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Session Seven

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