Session Six

September 10, 2008

XP Awarded: 125 || Total XP: 1,515

14 Sowing, close to mid-day

After capturing the goblin leader, the party questioned him about the general area, and accepted his treasure in return for not killing him. The treasure amounted to 560 gp or so, and a +1 magic staff. Balgron explained that the forbidden region to the southwest was inhabited by undead, and dangerous to enter, but also traded a secret about it for his freedom. The goblin told them of runes in the floor that granted protection from the undead, allowing easier passage. He was then let go, and he fled the dungeon quickly.

Next, the party explored the supposed torture room to the north, and dispatched a few goblins there, as well as the hobgoblin torturer. After the battle, a pitiful goblin named Splug was found in a cell. The creature had apparently been abused and mistreated by his fellow goblins, and was happy to enter the party’s service as a hireling or sorts, to help with camp and that sort of thing.

No homework for this session || Vanquished Foes

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Session Six

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