Session Sixteen

January 28, 2009

XP Awarded: 181 || Total XP: 3,398

16 Sowing, around mid-day

Reunited with Morthos, the party ventured past the titan statue and through the southern door. Once opened, a foul stench assailed their nostrils, emenating from both the rotting body parts strewn about the floor of the next room, and the shambling rotting corpses occupying it.

The zombies proved little trouble, but a new undead beast was also present – a ghoul, much faster and more agile than the zombies, it had a terrible bite and parlyzing venom. Fortunately, the party was able to dispatch the creature.

The party also encountered their first homunculus – a strange winged creature made of clay, which managed to escape down some stairs and through a door before it could be slain. Instead of pursuing immediately, the party took a moment to gather their breath, then advanced carefully through the door.

What awaited them behind the large stone doors was a sight few have seen. Crimson streams trailed across the floor, terminating at a grate surrounding a hole in the floor of the shadowy cathedral. Blue-green light emanated from crystal columns, and a dais along the eastern wall appeared to supply the blood. A human in dark robes stood there, knife raised high, singing the praises of the demon lord Orcus! A tattoo of a ram’s skull covered his face as he turned to see who was intruding upon his domain.

Vanquished Foes

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Session Sixteen

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