Session Ten

November 5, 2008

XP Awarded: 155 || Total XP: 2,414
  • No homework this session

14 Sowing, mid-day

After the brutal combat against the hobgoblins and their pet spider, the party took a short rest before heading back to Winterhaven for a longer, more extended rest. Splug was left with some food and told to wait for them there; the goblin seemed happy to stay there and continue cleaning/looting/kicking the fallen enemy goblins. Upon arriving back at the village, the party discovered the gates closed, and guards atop the walls.

Lord Padraig hailed them, informing them that the dead has been seen walking in the cemetery, and the villagers feared for their lives. The lord asked if the party would help deal with this menace. The group accepted, but needed to rest before venturing out. Lord Padraig let them in to rest and recover from their earlier travails. Morthos helped keep watch up on the walls, after speaking to Rond Kelfem, captain of the town guard, before retiring for the night.

15 Sowing, early morning

The next day, the party set out for the graveyard, a quaint place surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. At first glance, the cemetery seemed a quiet place, except for a sickly glow pulsing further into the grounds. The party entered and made their way forward…and as soon as they reached the center of the graveyard, skeletons burst out of the ground and attacked.

Not only skeletons assailed the party – a pair of zombie dogs also attacked, and Ninaran, an elf previously seen in Winterhaven. After a moderately difficult fight, during which Akta took a number of bad wounds, the party defeated Ninaran and his undead force. Akta, fearful of the elf rising as an undead monstrosity, dismembered and burned his corpse. Before that, however, a message from Kalarel was found in the elf’s pouch.

Looking around, Morthos and Paelias investigated the source of the glow, a magic circle fashioned out of blood and strange liquids. Fortunately, their knowledge of things arcane allowed them to disrupt the circle with ease.

Shinto poked around one of the larger mausoleums, electing to remain behind while the party left to return to town. He opened what coffins he could find, looking for valuables and finding nothing but corpses.

The party, minus Shinto, returned to Winterhaven and informed Lord Padraig of the defeat of the undead, and the presence of the elf, before heading back to the Keep.

Meanwhile, Sister Linora departed for the cemetery, to clean up a bit and hopefully remove the signs of undead defilement from the area, and encountered Shinto returning to Winterhaven. While conversing, Shinto claimed not to be associated with the party, and told Sister Linora that he had been opening coffins to make sure they had dead people in them. Concerned, Sister Linora followed him back to town, where the gate guards confirmed that the tiefling was indeed associated with the party. Shinto’s odd behavior prompted the guards and Sister Linora to secure him in a cell, for his own protection, as they believed his mind had been injured in confronting the undead. Lord Padraig attempted to converse with the rogue, but left concerned about Shinto’s mental well-being.

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Session Ten

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