Medium to Large natural animate (undead)

A zombie is the animated corpse of a living creature. Imbued with the barest semblance of life, this shambling horror obeys the commands of its creator, heedless of its own well-being.

A typical zombie is made of the corpse of a Medium or Large creature.

  • Religion DC 15 – Most zombies are created using a foul ritual. Once roused, a zombie obeys its creator and wants nothing more than to kill and consume the living.
  • Religion DC 20 – Corpses left in places corrupted by supernatural energy from the Shadowfell sometimes rise as zombies on their own. These zombies have no master and generally attack all living creatures they encounter.

Basic Features
  • Darkvision – zombies can see even where there is no light
  • Immunities – zombies are immune to disease and poison, being dead and all
  • Resistances – zombies are typically resistant to necrotic damage and vulnerable to radiant damage

Corruption Corpse Rotting zombie artillery
  • Regeneration 5?
  • Resist 10 necrotic, vulnerable 5 radiant
  • Mote of Corruption – they rip off and throw parts of their rotting bodies
    • Ranged 10; 2d6 + 3 necrotic damage, and weakened (save ends)
  • Death Burst – they explode when slain
    • Close burst 1; 2d6 + 3 necrotic damage
  • Encountered In: Session Eighteen

Gravehound Your basic animated canine
  • Resist 10 necrotic, vulnerable 5 radiant
  • Their bite carries the energies of death
    • In addition to damage, ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends), and can knock targets prone
  • Encountered In: Session Ten

Zombie Your basic animated corpse
  • Resist 10 necrotic, vulnerable 5 radiant
  • They can grapple with foes, making it easier to gang up on them
    • Standard attack vs Reflex, target is grabbed (escape at -5)
  • Encountered In: Session Seven, Session Sixteen

Zombie Rotter Basic zombie archer fodder

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